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freakin bright industrial lighting


"18 lights have replaced 53 high bay mercury vapour lights! I cannot believe that 4 lights can light a 700 square meter area and it feels like I am walking on the rugby field at Ellis Park Stadium."

PAUL RUITER, Business owner, Paul's Muesli.

Designed to save you money

Freakin Bright Lights uses the latest LED technology and deliver 65% more light from 45% less power compared to mercury vapour light bulbs. When you install freakin bright lights in your warehouse and factory you can expect your lighting electricity bill to be up to 70% less. 

Designed for endurance

Freakin Bright Lights are designed for a lifespan of 5 years of continuous operation. That means they are made to be on for 24 hours per day for 5 years. At the beginning of the 6th year a freakin bright light will have a light output of 20% less than it did when new. This is the time to schedule LED replacement to maintain the lighting levels in your factory and warehouse.
Don't take our word for it! Ask us for an independent lighting degradation report.

Freakin Bright Lights are fully serviceable

Freakin Bright Lights is currently the only fully serviceable industrial LED lighting in the market place. A freakin bright high bay light fitting can last more than 20 years. We supply a service kit for your freakin bright light, its almost as easy as replacing a light bulb. But you will only have to worry about this every 6 years.


All other LED lighting manufacturers expect you to dispose of the entire fitting when the LEDs fail. We are certain you feel that this is wasteful and expensive.

Keep your workers alert, productive and safe


The correct artificial lighting reduces melatonin levels helping workers to remain alert, reducing the amount of workplace errors and reducing the number of workplace accidents. It will also reduce strain on the eyes and fatigue.



Keep your night shift productive

Human circadian rhythms (sleeping patterns) can be altered with bright lighting at the correct colour temperature and with the correct colour rendering index. With the correct lighting you can help your workers change their sleep cycle, making them more productive.

Eye safety

All LEDs emit ultra violet and blue light radiation. Because this can be harmful to your eyes freakin bright lights have been tested to EC 62778:2014. Safety first, always insist on a Photo Biological Safety Test Report. 

Now as you know, our freakin bright lights are freakin bright! Make sure that they are installed in such a way that your staff can't get within 1.5m of your freakin bright light. Should this be unavoidable purchase your freakin bright lights with an opal diffuser. 

Dear Bruno,


Thank you so much for the new 28 000 Lumen LED Bay Lights you sold to me.


As you are aware the sides of our building are made of one 1 IBR sheet and then then 1 poly carb sheet- which repeats the whole way round the side of the building. In the past we had poly carb sheets on the roof of the building to let additional light in. This was a disaster, as when it hailed about 3 years ago, the aged poly carb sheets were smashed by hail and caused havoc in my muesli baking factory and our raw material warehouse.


We had to replace the roof poly carb sheets on the roof with IBR sheets and this meant less light in the day time so we had to run our mercury vapour lights 24/6. Theses light have covers on and are 450watt. On start up these lights suck a huge amount of power and take about 10 minutes to warm up. If we had a power failure these mercury vapour lights had to be turned on in banks of 4 lights at a time, as our generator could not handle the intense start up load. This cost me production time and when staff tried to be clever and switch on too may lights – this tripped the generator and stock burnt in our enclosed travelling ovens. Your lights are the best around as I have tried out 2 different LED high bay lights, from different companies and none come close to what your 28000 Lumen 5000K, 120 degree light offers.


You sold me 18 of these lights which I have placed in my 2 factories and in another 2 warehouses.


18 lights have replaced 53 high bay mercury vapour lights! I cannot believe that 4 lights can light a 700 m2 area- and this area feels like I am walking on the field at Ellis Park Stadium. Our low light issue with SABS with our lights being too weak during our last audit is a thing of the past.


The lights can ALL be switched on immediately. The light is instantaneous. My power usage is about 30% of what it was – possibly less. On start up our generator handles the load if all lights are turned on one after another. In addition to this – we have made huge savings on our power bill as the demand load has decreased - using normal council power. I am sure the Mercury vapour lights require at least double the power, when they start up - about 900watts. The LED lights just use the 200 watts constantly. I have seen some big savings on our power demand and as we run 24/6 and sometimes 24/7 our monthly bill has dropped. I think the pay back will be about 12 to 14 months.


In a food environment you have to have light covers on the high bay lights. Your high bay light has a plastic cover over the 4 banks of LEDS that make up the light. This means if something were to blow/ break nothing will fall down. Without having the normal dome and cover which is a standard light, has allowed ALL the light produced, to be shine directly down.

Our installation was very easy as the 1,8 meter cable supplied meant we could just unplug the standard mercury vapour light and plug the new LED light into the existing 3 prong plug that was there. We could reposition the light to the best possible position.

One aspect I have not witnessed is that the your 28 000 Lumen High Bay light - has 4 banks of LEDS. If one set of LED fails the other 3 banks of LEDs on the light continue to operate. The LED bank that is broken can be repaired and that means the light can last for many years!

Paul’s Muesli would like to thank you-  Bruno- for the time taken to ensure we purchased the correct light and quantity of lights. I really look forward to our outside lighting project to go ahead as I can definitely see more savings and brighter and safer facility.


I am happy for you to bring or send a potential customer come to our facility in Northriding and see what these lights really do- day or night-. Once they see the amount of light a single unit produces, the power saving and other benefits mentioned above, they will realise this is the only option.


All the best,

Paul Ruiter

Paul's Muesli


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Record readable licence plates with any CCTV camera at night and Freakin Bright Lights

You have probably experienced frustration trying to record vehicle licence plates at night with standard CCTV cameras. If you don't require a dedicated vehicle licence plate database which would need LPR cameras and you would like to record vehicle licence plates for video surveillance. We have made a special light for you! Watch this video and drop us a line.